Uptime Reporting

MagePing.io regularly sends requests to your website and will notify you when your website is down.

Server Statistics

Disk space monitoring, CPU usage and Memory usage data are collected for early warnings before problems arise.

Error Reporting

Magento reports, exceptions and system log counts are collected to notify you if some hidden issues are occurring.

Hosted Service (SaaS)

MagePing.io is a hosted service with minimal setup requirement but huge customisation options.

Magento monitoring
with bespoke health check tasks

MagePing.io provides the basics, you add the specifics.

Mobile Friendly

Take your website reporting with you and have access to your website status while you're out and about.

Custom Tasks

Seamlessly add your own suite of bespoke tasks for your particular monitoring needs.



Receive email notifications based on criteria you configure, to know when action is needed.

Agency View

Monitor multiple Magento websites in a single dashboard view, with customisation for each of your clients.

Signup for the Beta

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All signups during beta phase qualify for Developer package FREE for 3 months.

  • Merchant
  • For Retailers who want regular updates on the status of their website and to be notified when it goes down.
  • FREE
  • Single Magento instance
  • Uptime Check Only
  • No Health Tasks
  • Email Notifications
  • Signup
  • Developer
  • For Developers that want detailed and bespoke health check tasks for their Magento website.
  • FREE for 3 months
    (Beta signup promotion)
  • Merchant package plus...
  • Detailed Health Tasks
  • Bespoke/Custom Tasks
  • Custom URL Endpoints
  • Signup

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